Locals defend Highgate after man says it has ‘stinkiest vibes’

Highgate councillor Scott Emery was among those rushing to defend the ward’s hospitality industry against criticism

The Duke’s Head in Highgate (credit Google)

Local residents have rushed to defend Highgate pubs – and Highgate generally – after a social media user claimed they have the “stinkiest vibes in the city”.

The editor of The Fence said the pubs are “overpriced” and “ineptly cooked roasts” are “served by gap year students from the local private schools”. Meanwhile, “B-list actors sporting sunglasses” hang out at the venues “in the fading March gloom”.

Lib Dem councillor Scott Emery, who represents the Highgate ward, came to the area’s defence, saying “it’s a beautiful place with loads of great pubs and people!”

Other locals chimed in to share their recommendations, with @Nicholas_Brett posting: “Run as fast as you can to The Sun and 13 Cantons and get outrageously good food and epic staff.”

Another person posted: “Head to nearby Muswell Hill and The Famous Royal Oak next time.”

Highgate is known for its wealth, boasting one of the UK’s ten most expensive streets as well as one of the best-known private schools Highgate School.

Its pubs include The Woodman, The Flask and The Gatehouse.

Nearby area Crouch End, meanwhile, has been voted one of the best places to live in London.

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