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Action for climate justice in Haringey

Hero for Action for climate justice in Haringey

As world leaders meet in Glasgow this month at COP26 to negotiate climate pledges, people around the world are saying governments aren’t doing enough, and richer countries that have done more to cause the climate emergency aren’t paying their fair share.

The climate emergency is closer than ever, with wildf ires across Europe, and flooding in Germany and even Haringey.

In Haringey organisations are coming together to demand stronger action at every level. In September, 150 people joined a mass walk and cycle supported by Haringey Cyclists, Living Streets, Friends of the Earth, and others demanding more action to cut motor traffic and encourage walking and cycling.

We followed this up with a deputation to Haringey Council’s cabinet meeting last month to support measures including low traffic neighbourhoods and cycle lanes. Mike Hakata, cabinet member for environment, transport and the climate emergency, promised that we would see a new grid of protected cycle lanes and that low traff ic neighbourhoods would continue to be rolled out.

Credit: Asimina Giagoudaki

Catherine Kenyon of Living Streets said: “Haringey has been a leader on some climate issues like disinvesting its pension funds, but on walking and cycling it’s falling behind its neighbours like Hackney, Waltham Forest and Enfield. People tell us they’re happy to cycle in other boroughs but are nervous of coming through Haringey.”

London, like cities and towns around the world, will see a major demonstration on the afternoon of Saturday 6th November, with climate justice campaigners marching from the Bank of England to Trafalgar Square.

In the morning, we will be holding a rally in Haringey to support stronger action by the council. Councillor Mike Hakata, David Lammy MP, and a young climate activist will talk on climate and racial justice issues, as well as council action.

The more of us, the stronger our voice will be.

To join the Haringey action for climate justice rally: Meet on Saturday, 6th November at 11.00am in Crescent Gardens, opposite the Civic Centre in Wood Green.