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Haringey Community Press (HCP) is committed to direct community engagement.

Built on the groundwork established by founding newspaper Tottenham Community Press (TCP), our model of inclusive journalism remains as before. This means, as always, getting in touch with your story ideas, and contributing your artwork, as well as your points of discussion via letters, features, and comment submissions.

The monthly circulation of HCP is 15,000 copies, (5,000 more than that of TCP). This increase in distribution ensures that more people across both the Tottenham and Hornsey and Wood Green constituencies access the paper.

Our wider reach enables us to share even more interesting and wide ranging stories each month.

You can support us by sharing our articles amongst your friends, colleagues and neighbours. You can also become a member as an individual or organisation from as little as £3 per month. Donations are reinvested into HCP’s production costs, ensuring ongoing monthly news coverage that centres your local area.

HCP origins

Since launching in 2016, Tottenham Community Press set out to inform you of a range of stories and events happening across Tottenham.

It covered issues concerning housing developments, regeneration, and improvements, looking closely at who benefits or is impacted by the various matters; it addressed the ongoing situation at Wards Corner, a matter that has captured local and international attention; it highlighted the growing need for food banks in the local area, focusing on the difference they are making in our communities, particularly since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

These many stories over the last five years were vast and varied. Throughout, we prioritised sharing content supplied by the community, drawing attention to the campaigns, projects and initiatives that you are directly involved with, ensuring that you are both the consumer and producer of the paper, and that you have a platform from which you can be heard.

Building upon the success of TCP, we took the decision to expand the paper to become HCP, a boroughwide publication reaching residents across Haringey.

The community gathered in the Engine Room, Hale Village, on 15th October 2021 to launch this new part of our story, and to celebrate the five-year journey of TCP. Watch the celebratory TCP video here.

Celebrating five years of Tottenham Community Press

We also showcased a presentation documenting the print run of issue 51, the final edition of TCP.

Printing issue 51 of Tottenham Community Press

We were supported on the night by Pinhole London who provided a workshop for attendees, where they developed their own pinhole photos and shared their lasting thoughts of TCP, as well as their hopes for HCP going forward.

TCP origins

To celebrate the first anniversary of Tottenham Community Press in November 2017, we launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised almost £6,000 to help secure TCP’s future in print.

We were blown away by the generosity we received, and were incredibly grateful to everyone that pledged.

We were especially happy to see so many people attend our first birthday party on the 30th of November 2017, at the Antwerp Arms, and we were thankful for all their help and support in planning the event. You can see some photos of the evening here, taken by wonderful local photographer Scott Anderson.

The success of the campaign was mainly due to all of those from the community who dedicated their time and resources to supporting us.

Below is a thank you list to recognise those who helped ensure TCP’s founding printing and editorial costs.

With huge thanks to:

Russell Wyatt, Taz & Tom Cheryl Cohen, Hunters Tottenham, India Thorogood, Jess Daggers, Beyond the Goods, Donna Riddington, Red Army RC, Selby Trust, Matthew Warnes, Robbie Semple, Pablo Flac,k Hammonds Eye Practice, Tilson & Spencer Estate Agents, Shehan Perera, Holbrook, Meryn Cutler, Vinaynair, Amy Croome, Katharine (Katie) Hill, Julia Morley, Anna De Mutiis, Edwin Lowther, Halls Greengrocers, Rianna Raymond-Williams, Kate Murray, Hazel Sheffield, The Creativity Club, Stephen Gardiner, Dadzoola Narendra Makanji, Quentin Given, Wilson Solicitors LLP, Kieran Whiteside, Rosie Cade, Haringey Unison, Gary Mustard, Bob Lindsay-Smith, Adrian Hawkes, Andrew Johnston, Ashley Burrows, Friends of Bruce Castle Park, Stefanie Alvarez, Nina Jua Klein, Mark Hanna, Peter Corley, Cheryl Cohen

Simon Newell, The Black Cow, Lady Cow and The Black Calf, Bewoelkt, Anj, Ellie Clayton, Marika Gauci, Nicolò Wojewoda, Adam Luria, Cafe Lemon, James Bone, Ffion, Jeff Schofield, Mustafa Suleman, Gillk, Miranda Grell, Nicola Braggins, AJWD, Jenny C, Alberto Masetti Zannini, Michael Schofield, Paul Pickering, Angela and Howard, Lynda Jessopp, Leonie Tayler, Greg Markby, Ann Walsh, Thom Hoffman, Steve Coles, Edie, Sharon Grant, Dani Goldberg, Alex Duncan, Iris Krueger, David Wilcox, Chris Lane, Edward Booker, Sandy Thin, Charlotte Newman, Andreas Koumi, Kellie Dorrington, Sacha Sabadel, Craving Coffee, Pete Wilson, Avril & John Merryfield

Prestige Patisserie, Leaders Community, San Marco, Blooming Scent Cafe, Discovering Tottenham, Simon Braggins, Charlotte Weddell, Isobel Croot, Natasha Quarmby, Stewart Hardie, Tottenham Green Market, Old Captain’s Fish and Chips, The Antwerp Arms, Ashley Grey, Mav Highsted, Mark Curtis, Scott Anderson, Tottenham Photography Club, Staff at the Selby Centre, Russell Wyatt, Mary Otumahana, The Record Shop, Avril Nanton, Ciaran Price, Moaz Nanujuwany, Gina Moffat, Rachel Ho, Sharon Wallace, Seema Chandwani, David Lammy, Patrick Fleming, Florence Wambulu, Livingston Gilchrist, The Fruit Magpie, Redemption Brewery, Living Under One Sun, Pauline Hawkes, Tottenham Green Pool and Fitness, The Engine Room, Crop Drop, Persephone Pickering, Everyone that pledged at our event and all of our anonymous donors