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Entrepreneurship and fun at the market

Entrepreneurship and fun at the market

Hero for Entrepreneurship and fun at the market
Running the market stall Credit: Pamela Djima

By Pamela Djima, founder, Our Kids Trove

Owning a business is synonymous with empowerment. As a founder, I don’t have to wait for an invitation to join somebody else’s table. I can create my own table and generate my own income. That, for me is very powerful.

I run a toy shop specialising in culturally diverse toys and educational resources. My business is based primarily online but at the weekends I “pop-up” at various markets. This arrangement offers me the best of both worlds and frees me from the expense and bureaucracy associated with renting a permanent retail space.

I’m drawn to the model of a market because of how accessible it makes running a business. Starting a business is often viewed as complex and unobtainable but there is something quite simplistic about operating from a market stall. Inside this incubator, running a business seems less overwhelming and significantly more achievable. The risks are relatively low but the learning curve is steep.

I’ve found trading at markets to be an invaluable experience. It’s enabled me to meet my customers face-to-face, learn more about my target audience, and witness people interacting with my products.

With all this in mind, I decided to create The Trove Market − a new monthly market in Tottenham. The Trove Market is about bringing the community together, supporting small businesses to experiment and grow, as well as providing enriching activities for children.

All of the activities and workshops are free and every child is offered a free meal. I wanted to create a fun market where parents could bring their children and not have to worry about money. It’s important for all children to have access to enriching activities and money should not be a barrier to wholesome fun.

I especially like to see young people delving into the realm of entrepreneurship. Running a market stall is a fantastic learning experience for them. It helps them learn about patience, the value of a pound, prioritising, people skills, effective communication and a whole host of other transferable skills.

For our last market we partnered with local individuals and organisations to offer sports activities, arts and crafts, face painting and a Japanese inspired knot workshop.

We really hope that this market will be a way to serve and unite different pockets of the community.

The Trove Market runs on the first Saturday of the month. If you or your child would like the opportunity to trade, contact: [email protected]