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Showcasing Tottenham’s vibrant personality

Local art studio seeks funding for borough-wide artwork

Hero for Showcasing Tottenham’s vibrant personality
Community mural All photo credits: Zoe Alleyne

Local art studio seeks funding for borough-wide artwork

By Zoe Alleyne, Managing Director, Bud Studio

Tottenham has a strong identity which local people are very proud of.

Tottenham has been very good to our studio and we would like to give back by giving the community a chance to showcase Tottenham and Haringey’s vibrant personality.

Bud Studio aims to bring together the local and creative community by running workshops and producing large scale co-designed artworks in the borough.

Over the past year we have been working with Haringey Council and local artists to deliver the shutter gallery – a series of artworks on shop front shutters. We have received a lot of positive feedback from local residents and businesses, and it has also been very successful in bringing the local creative community together.

With our latest project, we want to support local artists, empowering the residents of Haringey to take ownership of their artwork, champion their community, and represent their area with pride.

Residents are feeling alienated by the current period of development taking place in Tottenham. Unlike previous borough wide regeneration, we want to ensure that Haringey’s sense of community isn’t just maintained, but heightened through this period of change.

We will use art and workshops to exhibit Haringey’s identity and bring people together. This will add value to the local economy whilst creating opportunities for Haringey’s creative communities. Myself and co-director Albert Clegg, will be running this project, alongside local artists and residents who will be involved in the process of creating the artworks.

We are currently raising funds to deliver three community workshops, two large scale murals, and four small scale murals.

We aim to raise £17,075 in total and we need your help to raise the final 17% of our crowdfunding campaign. We already have the Mayor of London as a backer as well as over 80 pledges from members of our community.

The deadline to reach our target is the 11th May and if we meet the target, we will receive the funding to start the project next month. We have until the end of the year to complete the whole project.

This will be a great way of improving the local economy without the threat of gentrification. It supports local artists and businesses while giving residents the opportunity to have input into the changes made in their borough.

For more information and to donate: Visit spacehive.com/art-for-haringey#/idea

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