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How to make a complaint against Haringey Community Press

Haringey Community Press is a member of IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor of The Press. Detailed below is the procedure for making a complaint and links to the complaints and whistleblowing policies that have been adopted as part of TCP’s membership of IMPRESS.

Complaints procedure

Complaints may be sent in writing to Haringey Community Press, The Mill, 7-11 Coppermill Lane, Walthamstow E17 7HA; by email to [email protected]; by telephone on 0208 521 7956; or other reasonable means where this is more convenient and practical for the complainant.

Before a complaint will be considered, complainants should provide their name, address, email and telephone number.

If the complaint is about an article it must include:

    The name and date of the publicationPage reference of the specific article complained about and the URL to the web version of the articleURL link to any visual or audio element of the complaintA written account of what is being complained about with clear reference made to (i) any specific words or phrases in the article that are relevant to the complaint; and (ii) any clauses of the Standards Code adopted by IMPRESS (“Code”) that the complainant believes to have been breachedThe desired outcome or remedy sought by the complainant

If the complaint is about the conduct or behaviour of an employee or contributor to Haringey Community Press it must include:

    The name(s) of the individual(s) being complained about (if known) or any other information which may identify the individual(s)A written account of what is being complained about with clear reference made to (i) the nature of the behaviour or conduct being complained about including any relevant times, dates, correspondence or other evidence to support the complaint; and (ii) any clauses of the Code that the complainant believes to have been breachedThe desired outcome or remedy sought by the complainant

Receipt of a complaint will be acknowledged within seven days, and a final decision letter issued within 21 days. Haringey Community Press will also make reasonable efforts to contact a complainant by telephone, email, or in writing to ensure that sufficient information is provided to respond to the complaint.

Taking a complaint further

If the complainant feels their problem has not been satisfactorily resolved by Haringey Community Press or if the complainant feels that the complaint is so urgent that they cannot wait for Haringey Community Press to respond, they can request that the complaint is reviewed by IMPRESS in accordance with its Regulatory Scheme, by contacting IMPRESS at the following address:

IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor for the Press CIC 16-18 New Bridge Street, London EC4V 6AG 020 3325 4288 [email protected] www.impress.press

Relevant policies

Haringey Community Press Complaints Policy, adopted on 26/10/2018

Haringey Community Press Whistleblowing Policy, adopted on 26/10/2018

Internal authority structure

Haringey Community Press is published by Social Spider CIC, and is managed by its editor, Luchia Robinson, who is accountable to its publisher, David Floyd. Luchia Robinson is responsible for legal and compliance standards and is accountable to David Floyd.

Person responsible for code compliance

Luchia Robinson, Editor

Person to whom complaints are first reported

Luchia Robinson, Editor

Steps to deal with failures in code compliance

Compliance failures are reported to David Floyd, Haringey Community Press publisher, who reviews all compliance failures every quarter. A quarterly action plan is drawn up and key points arising from compliance failures are distributed to Luchia Robinson and Haringey Community Press’ members and key contributors.