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'Drugs den' causing misery for estate residents

Resident tells of misery of life on her estate in Tottenham

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The scene outside the 'drugs den' being occupied by squatters in Northumberland Park

A “drugs den” on an estate in Tottenham has left neighbours suffering from noise and antisocial behaviour for months, a resident has claimed.

Broken glass pipes, drug paraphernalia, a two-litre bottle of urine left out in the open and even people “taking a dump” in front of a house are among the issues she says have faced those living in the council housing block in Waverley Road, Northumberland Park.

The noise and disturbances can last until 6am in the morning and sometimes happen during the day at the housing block, which is opposite a primary school.

Ana, who lives in Waverley Road, said the “drugs den” is next to a fire escape inside her block, with people coming in at “all hours of the night”. They also gather outside a boarded-up flat they previously used as a squat, she added.

“There is a lot of noise,” she said. “It can be bad for neighbours with kids. If they are in a group, they will congregate and make a noise. 

“There was a two-litre bottle of urine left outside. We have seen a couple of them take a dump outside the front door of another neighbour.

“We can sometimes smell the burning from the drugs they use. Sometimes there are broken glass pipes and drug paraphernalia lying around.

“A flat has been empty for almost four months. They started squatting in there, and the council came and boarded up the flat. They use the front garden of that flat as a pick-up point. They have brought prostitutes back.”

She added: “This is all going on opposite a primary school. It looks like Skid Row in LA.  It happens during school hours and throughout the day, but it is more sporadic. They take the day to rest a bit.

“If you say ‘shut up and move on’, they get very offensive very quickly.

“This is a residential area, a very built-up area with lots of people. There is a school right there. They have no shame – they will do whatever.”

Ana said residents had reported the antisocial behaviour to the police and the council but were still being affected by the problems. She said the police had recently been “really helpful” and had been carrying out extra patrols in the area. 

But Ana said residents had “not got very far” with Haringey Council, which gave her a “ridiculous” form to report the antisocial behaviour. She said the form was not relevant because it asked for details of an individual committing antisocial behaviour, whereas the problems on the estate are caused by a group of people.

Responding to the concerns, a council spokesperson said: “We are aware of reports of drug use and antisocial behaviour around Waverley Road. Our outreach services continue to work in the area, engaging with and offering support to anyone identified with drug or alcohol-related problems. Northumberland Park safer neighbourhood police team are also carrying out regular patrols of the area when on duty and take action against any antisocial behaviour or criminal activity they identify.

“Our antisocial behaviour team is working together with the police to ensure that we are offering appropriate support to residents and considering all relevant vulnerabilities in planning future enforcement activities. 

“We strongly encourage residents to report any crime and anti-social behaviour to the police or the council’s antisocial behaviour team so that we can work together to make Haringey a safe and pleasant place for all our residents.”