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TCP turns five

Tottenham Community Press: Celebrating five years of independent community news in Tottenham

Hero for TCP turns five
By Anirudh. Unsplash.

The 50th edition of TCP is a significant milestone in our journey. Over the last five years, we have worked hard to reflect the vibrancy and diversity of Tottenham, to celebrate its rich traditions and cultural heritage, and to enable people to tell their own stories.

Our approach to reporting and circulating news in the local area has prioritised sharing varied content supplied by the community; drawing attention to the campaigns, projects and initiatives that are happening, and ensuring that you are both the consumer and producer of TCP.

We are currently in the process of making a short celebratory video to mark TCP’s fifth anniversary, which will document the paper’s journey to date.

The video will also mark a change here at Social Spider CIC, which will see TCP become a boroughwide publication called Haringey Community Press (HCP) – focusing on news from Tottenham as well as the wider borough.

This change will allow us to capture even more local stories, whilst also ensuring increased financial stability to cover the paper’s production and distribution costs as we head into the next five years and beyond.

Issue 51 will be the last edition entitled TCP, and the new HCP name will be in place from November onward.

We value your commitment to TCP and we will let you know when the video is complete, so that you can join us in celebrating those who have contributed to its success. If you have any questions about the upcoming changes, get in touch by sending an email to: [email protected]