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Around the world in 48 hours

Tottenham community radio station, live streams for two days.

Hero for Around the world in 48 hours
Luke Thurnham, Head of Outreach, Threads Credit: Luchia Robinson

Threads radio raises funds by live streaming non-stop for two days

By Luchia Robinson

This month marks the first anniversary of Threads, the community radio station based in Tottenham Hale.

Located above the club, The Cause in Ashley Road, N17, Threads curates a broad range of audio content, and gives a platform to diverse voices both locally and abroad.

Last month, for the first time, Threads worked with a sponsor (RepostExchange) to put on Threads 48: a 48-hour, non-stop streaming of audio content streamed over two channels.

The first stream, which was live from the Tottenham studio consisted of live performances, DJ mixes and discussions. These focussed on various topics including: the documentation of Grime; the relationship between mental health and creative expression; community spaces and their survival.

Stream two was broadcast live from 24 international locations, including: Brazil, Canada, Japan, and the Balkans.

“What we’re trying to do is highlight communities around the world, so being ‘globally local’. It’s a kind of good side to globalism, the fact that you can tune into these communities that you may never know exist,” said George Powell, Head of Operations.

“The 48 live stream is a way for us to say ‘this is what we can do, this is what we want to do,’ but we just can’t do it at the moment.”

Threads 48 was part of a Crowdfunder set up to raise funds for new equipment and provisions in preparation for the station’s relocation in the coming months, as part of the ongoing process of redevelopment in Tottenham Hale.

Although the Threads team of volunteers are still unsure of where they will be heading to next, they are certain that Tottenham is the best location.

“We asked for £7,500 and that ideally will go towards funding things such as a second set of studio equipment, so we can offer a lot more to people who want to be involved in live radio,” said Luke Thurnham, Head of Outreach.

“We also need to find some way of securing our own financial stability. If we can do that through the resources we have in-house, then we’ve got control over what it is we’re doing as a station.”

Threads would like to run DJ and educational programmes, and pre-record services to ensure that the station becomes sustainable. The team also want to offer free activities for members of the community who may not have financial access.

Freddie Sugden, Founder of Threads said: “We have raised £5,500. It has the potential to really invest into the infrastructure of the station, to buy some equipment that will really allow us to produce better content for years to come, and to give us a little bit of support for when the inevitable [move] happens. All these things will help for what will be a very seminal time for us.

“There’s two sides to it, on the one hand £5,500 is an incredible amount of money and we’re really happy to have that, to do all those things I’ve mentioned. On the other hand, it is only a stepping stone to what we’d like to do, and what we need to do, to be able to continue and grow – which is to ultimately have a multi-studio complex in Haringey.”

The team at Threads aim to provide space for people in the community who are doing purposeful and socially impactful things: “People who don’t tend to get much of a space on the airwaves, television or in column inches,” said Luke.