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Consultation under way for revised High Road West scheme

Haringey Council seeks public views on High Road West redevelopment

Hero for Consultation under way for revised High Road West scheme
Homes on the Love Lane Estate Credit: Luchia Robinson

Council seeks public views on High Road West redevelopment

By Luchia Robinson

Haringey Council has been awarded £90million GLA funding to kickstart the High Road West (HRW) redevelopment scheme.

The council is now seeking public views on the revised masterplan, which includes building 2,600 mixed tenure properties, of which 500 will be social rent homes.

For plans to go ahead, residents on the Love Lane Estate (which will be demolished and rebuilt) are required to take part in a ‘yes’/ ‘no’ ballot, expected to happen in June.

Speaking of the White Hart Lane redevelopment, Haringey Council leader, Cllr Joseph Ejiofor said: “We had a development that we felt didn’t work in the best interest of all of the residents of that part of Tottenham because it had only 145 social homes in it.

“We believed that there needed to be at least 500 social homes in the scheme for it to go forward.

“We’ve got a circumstance where an agreement has been signed, and this is an improvement on the agreement.”

The HRW redevelopment plan has received a mixed reception from residents and businesses since its initial inception.

Despite the council recently receiving criticism for not delivering its housing target, Cllr Ejiofor is confident that the 500 council homes (for Love Lane tenants and an additional 250 social homes for other people on the borough’s waiting list), will “make a substantial contribution to housing residents, and reduce the impact of the housing crisis,” “addressing a number of different housing needs at once.”

Cllr Ejiofor added: “I really think that the residents need to understand that we’ve listened to them − we’ve improved the scheme. We’ve taken on board their key concerns. There was a fear that they were going to be turfed off the estate − that was never the case, it was never something our administration would agree with.”

Love Lane leasehold tenants are guaranteed a home on the redeveloped estate. Haringey council has now made a commitment to the 200 temporary residents (they must have lived on the estate for a year prior to the landlord offer) that they will also be re-housed, if the consultation goes through.

Cllr Ejiofor said: “Ultimately, people need to vote for this change, they need to agree the landlord offer and vote for it in the ballot.; if they do that, effectively the development progresses. The temporary tenants on the estate, and the secure tenants on the estate − we can guarantee them a home on the new estate should they so wish it.”

It’s expected that the redevelopment will create more than 3,500 jobs and 1,500 training opportunities. The council’s developer partner Lendlease has pledged £10m economic and social investment to go toward providing employment training and upskilling opportunities.

Independent freehold traders in the Peacock Industrial Estate, however, remain affected.

Cllr Ejiofor said: “Any people or businesses who are part of any area that is being redeveloped by the council are an integral part of that neighbourhood’s future, but being an integral part of that neighbourhood’s future doesn’t mean that you stay in exactly the same spot.

“Roughly 40-50% of the businesses in the Peacock Industrial Estate, and the commercial businesses overall will be able to be integrated within the new development. We are aware that a certain number of businesses won’t be able to be integrated there, but it is our continued objective to make sure that we can find them space as close as possible to where they are.

“As a council we are committed to doing what we can to make sure that all the businesses that want to be part of the neighbourhood remain as part of the neighbourhood.”

The announcement of the ballot is expected in July. If the scheme is voted through, the council says it will then develop a planning application with community input, from August to December.

This will be followed by the first phase of building at Love Lane Estate projected to start in 2022 and be completed by 2026/27.

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