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David Lammy MP re-elected to represent Tottenham

Labour lose nationally but win big locally.

Hero for David Lammy MP re-elected to represent Tottenham
David Lammy MP Credit: Luchia Robinson

Labour lose nationally but win big locally

By Luchia Robinson

Rt Hons David Lammy has been re-elected to represent Tottenham in Parliament with 76% of the local votes cast.

The general election count took place last month at Tottenham Hotspur stadium, where Haringey Labour candidates, David Lammy MP and Hornsey and Wood Green representative, Catherine West MP were both re-elected to their parliamentary seats.

The Tottenham electoral registration this election was 75,740, this was among the highest ever recorded (the highest since 1987), roughly 3000 up on the 2017 figure.

However, the Tottenham turnout this 2019 election was 61.9% – a 5.8% lower turnout than the 2017 general election. The Exit Poll, in the run up to the Tottenham declaration, correctly predicted a Conservative majority.

This prediction prompted David Lammy to tweet: “This looks abysmal. The result will be devastating for communities like mine all around the country who are now facing five years of Boris Johnson with unchecked power. I am more fearful for our country than at any point in my lifetime.”

Ahead of the declaration on the night, Conservative candidate, James Newhall told TCP: “We’ll have a Conservative majority, and parliament can finally get moving, so I’m absolutely excited.”

“I’m looking at the ballot papers and it looks like David [Lammy] is going to hold on to it, but it looks like we may have reduced his majority. So no, I’m not confident that I’m going to win, but it’s showing that in areas like Tottenham that there is a good Conservative vote out there – so raising that vote, and raising the profile of the Party across London, is fantastic. All in all, it’s been a very, very good night for us.”

Whilst on a national level Conservatives were polling ahead of Labour, Liberal Democrats and Scottish National Party; locally, Haringey Mayor, Sheila Peacock declared David Lammy as Member of Parliament for Tottenham– a long-held Labour constituency, with a majority of 30,175 votes.

Liberal Democrat candidate and Haringey Cllr Tammy Palmer said: “This wasn’t about winning; this was about saying that there is an opposition here. It’s about saying that we’ve been represented by one party here in Tottenham, for too long.

“I don’t believe that we are thriving as much as we could in Tottenham and I think that if you speak to people locally, there’s a lot of anger towards the fact that they [Labour] don’t have to work very hard here, and I think that they should work harder.

“I give my commitment to Tottenham to stand again as a Tottenham resident, and to keep fighting for it, and to keep demanding better of the party that governs here.”

Fifth ranking Brexit candidate, Abdul Turay said: “I’m happy with the result of this election because this has been called the Brexit election, and the British people have clearly sent the message ‘we want Brexit done.’

“Now it becomes a question of ‘what kind of Brexit do we have?’ Do we have a Brexit that works for the British people– a kind of Commonwealth Brexit that I want? Or do we have a Brexit where Britain isolates itself from the world?’

Following the result, David Lammy MP tweeted: “Thanks to Tottenham voters for endorsing me. Representing the place I grew up is the greatest honour of my life. I will continue to put all my energy into fighting for you in these dark times.”

Tottenham Parliamentary Constituency

David Lammy, Labour: 35,621 James Newhall, Conservatives: 5,446 Tammy Palmer, Liberal Democrats: 3,168 Emma Chan, Green Party: 1,873 Abdul Turay, Brexit Party: 527 Andrew Bence, Social Democratic Party: 91 Frank Sweeney, Workers Revolutionary Party: 88 Jonathan Silberman, Communist League: 42