First ‘bug based’ restaurant to open in Finsbury Park

The restaurant will serve crickets turned in mince, strips, and burgers

Finsbury Park is set to get its first ‘bug based’ restaurant, with an eatery serving cricket meat due to open this month.

Yum Bug serves crickets as mince, strips and burgers and previously had a pop up restaurant on Old Street in November 2023. Its first permanent branch will open in Finsbury Park on 20th February.

The menu includes a selection of small plates and deserts including ‘pulled cricket tacos, rhubarb hot sauce’, ‘toasted sourdough and cricket beurre noisette’, and ‘hazelnut and blonde chocolate cricket soft serve, caramel crunch’.

The team behind the restaurant are on a ‘mission to change perspectives about eating insects in the UK’ and all dishes contain crickets farmed in Cambridgeshire.