New mural in Finsbury Park sparks Banksy intrigue

The green mural is painted behind a trimmed mature tree in Hornsey Road

Credit: Stephen Furner

A new mural in Finsbury Park has prompted speculation that the artwork might be a Banksy.

Crowds have turned out at Hornsey Road today (18th March) to see the painting which appeared overnight. It first appeared on Sunday (17th) morning.

The mural, which is on the side of a building, appears behind a trimmed mature tree, the green paint appearing to replace the foliage which has has been removed.

The legendary anonymous graffiti artist has not claimed the artwork as his own.

According to PA Wire, one local, who lives in Finsbury Park, said they were “proud and delighted” their street had been chosen.

“It feels like a personal message to us residents, we just feel so proud”, said Wanja Sellers, who lives nearby the mural’s location.

James Peak, who created the BBC Radio 4 series The Banksy Story, told the BBC: “It has got the right techniques [to be a Banksy], it certainly has an easy-to-understand message, a very clever location, and it really resonates the second you see it”.

“The message is clear,” he said. “Nature’s struggling and it is up to us to help it grow back.”

Update (18th March)

Banksy has since said that he created the mural.

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