Plans for 32 homes on disused industrial site in Wood Green

No affordable housing is proposed as part of the scheme in Hornsey Park Road, reports Grace Howarth, Local Democracy Reporter

Hornsey Park Road scheme (credit Trinity International Properties Ltd)
Plans for the Hornsey Park Road scheme (credit Trinity International Properties Ltd)

Plans for 32 homes on a derelict industrial site in Wood Green have been submitted to Haringey Council – but with no affordable housing proposed.

The proposal for two buildings of four and six storeys in height has been drawn up by Trinity International Properties Ltd.

The site is located at 157-159 Hornsey Park Road and sits behind the road’s houses. It is accessed via a space between the row of terraces.

The plan involves the demolition of disused industrial buildings. Along with the residential offering, there are 96.7sqm of commercial floorspace, a children’s play area, and car and cycle parking being proposed.

Out of the 32 homes, three are proposed as studios, twelve are one-bedroom flats, 13 are two-bedroom, and four are three-bedroom. Three of the properties are fully wheelchair adaptable or accessible and are located at ground level. The plan does not include any affordable housing, however.

Due to nearby residential properties being a combination of “Victorian style houses and contemporary blocks of flats” the main proposed material on the scheme is red brick in three different shades. 

Vehicular access including refuse collection would come from Hornsey Park Road, and would be collected inside the site from the bin store on the ground floor of one of the two blocks. 

There are three accessible parking bays included in the plans and all the properties “meet or exceed” the space standards in accordance with the London Plan.

However, objections to the scheme from neighbours so far include the “closeness” of the site to the “densely occupied residential street” and the “pressures” on traffic following the development’s completion. 

“Being overlooked” was also stated as an issue as proposed blocks were “too high” and although approval was shown for the largely car-free aspect of the scheme, it was stated vehicle access would “still be required” whether from emergency or refuse collection services.

This could be an issue as the street was described as an already a “heavily over-used” residential street, according to locals.

Information on the scheme can be found via Haringey Council’s planning portal, using reference number HGY/2024/0466.

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