Thames Water ‘working to find a solution’ to Crouch Hill pipe leaks

The road in Crouch End has been repeatedly affected by burst or leaking water pipes for the past decade, reports Grace Howarth, Local Democracy Reporter

Crouch Hill and (inset) Thames Water
Crouch Hill and (inset) Thames Water

Thames Water is investigating “persistent issues” with leaking pipes in Crouch End following intervention from Haringey councillors and a petition by local residents.

Crouch Hill, a major road in Crouch End, has experienced a “regular recurrence” of leaks which has led to 118 days of street works and 88 days of road closures since 2015.

Luke Cawley-Harrison, the ward councillor for Crouch End and leader of the Liberal Democrat group at Haringey Council, wrote a letter to Thames Water’s chief executive Chris Weston to arrange a meeting with the water company, while also submitting a petition signed by 198 local residents.

Shopkeepers and businesses in the area also wrote to the company earlier this year asking for a meeting following a “full-scale mains failure” on the road at the end of January, but say they were “turned down”. 

Thames Water’s head of London planning, Simon Moore, did eventually arrange to meet with council officers, the chair of Crouch End Traders Association, and Cllr Cawley-Harison. At the meeting on 11th March it was agreed that Thames Water would carry out “investigative work” on the road in the “coming weeks”.

A Thames Water spokesperson has also apologised to residents and motorists for the inconvenience caused while the company carries out “necessary work” to repair the water pipes. 

“As part of our investigations, we will be installing monitors on our network to help us understand the causes of these leaks,” they said. “We will then use the findings to consider different options for repairs and upgrades. 

“We’d like to assure our customers that our teams are working to find a solution as quickly as possible and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns members of the public may have.”

Cllr Cawley-Harrison said fixing the “chronic failing” would be good for everyone and it was not fair that traders and residents had to be “constantly inconvenienced by Thames’ failing”. 

He added: “Though I of course wish that the timescales for a fix were much shorter, I am pleased to have secured a first tentative commitment from Thames to look at this issue long term.” 

Cllr Cawley-Harrison said he made clear works must be “urgently prioritised” and communication back to the community “much improved”.

A council spokesperson said they sympathised with residents and businesses affected by the flooding incidents, adding that when the mains failed the impact was “significant” and resulted in road closures and diverted traffic while the mains were repaired and roads reinstated. 

They said: “This is an issue for Thames Water, and we welcome their commitment to undertake initial investigative work and to consider replacing the water mains as part of their future major works programme.

“We take these water main failures very seriously and, for our part, will continue to press Thames Water for timely intervention and completion of repairs as quickly as possible to minimise local disruption and inconvenience.”

During this month’s meeting the water company also agreed, subject to further analysis, that Crouch Hill would be considered for its ‘2026-30 works programme’ which could see the road get its pipe network fully replaced.

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